Shana Hinyard

Shana grew up in Cross Cut, just south of town and attended Cross Plains ISD. She was involved in junior rodeos, running barrels and roping as she got older. She still enjoys the occasional opportunity to team rope with her dad and his friends. Shana graduated from Cross Plains High School and then attended Tarleton State University, where she received a degree in Hydrology and Water Resources. She worked in the environmental field for 10 years while living in San Antonio and then moved back to her home town. Shana is married to her high school sweetheart and together they raise cattle and goats. If you call Shana in the summer months, you may just catch her bailing hay. Or, in the winter feeding cows.


Shana enjoys nature and being outdoors, because she thinks there’s something beautiful and intriguing about everything God has created. There is uniqueness in every tree dead or alive, and every sunset, especially the cloudy ones. With every season change there are new and amazing things to see that you didn’t notice before.

Remodeling old homes is something else that Shana enjoys. Even though they’ve weathered over the years, she can see the potential that’s still within those old walls and wants to bring them to a place of renewal.

Shana says, “I love when old items are re-purposed for another use that shows their original charm. Don’t get me wrong, I also love new construction being able to start from scratch with new products and fresh ideas that fit an individuals needs.”

Whether you are a young person looking for your first place or a seasoned adult looking for a place to retire or a weekend get-away, Shana would love to help you find that perfect piece of Texas to suit you.

If you want to sell a house in town or a farm/ranch in the country, Shana would be glad to represent you and help find the right buyer who will appreciate your piece of Texas.

To contact Shana, call her cell phone at 325-660-5719 or email her at